When a patient enters the chatbot and describes their main health concern, the natural language processing will connect them with a set of questions based on specialist diagnostic criteria.
Answers are weighted towards a likely diagnosis and the next steps toward an actionable care event are suggested, like going to the ER or consulting a specialist.
Like your doctor, afya will remember you and understand more about your health, becoming more personalized with each use.
afya’s HIPAA-compliant, secure platform can expand the scope of practice for primary care providers by connecting them directly to the experience and advice of specialists.
Primary care providers and specialists can even choose to bring the patient directly into their chat with them to facilitate direct communication.
This technology is available as an app or can be accessed via the browser.
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Our mission-focused physicians are dedicated to making a difference by expanding access to quality healthcare.
Virtual connected solutions enable our physicians to engage with patients and provide them with the support to live healthier while better managing a number of conditions outside of the hospital.
Treatment plans are able to be developed sooner using afya’s HIPAA compliant platform.
Over 250,000 virtual care services have already been completed by our doctors and average response time is 2-12 hours.
afya's doctors are all board-certified and currently practicing.

Workflow Engineers

afya has been developing through active service since 2018 and is successfully implemented at clinics and practices all throughout California.
Adapting clinics to new technology and providing ongoing support is our specialty.
Our dedicated team will meet with you to learn every detail about your current referral system and how you’re accessing specialty care.
They’ll then work with staff and providers to develop a future state that cohesively integrates afya into your workflow.
Our workflow engineers will support you every step of the way as you implement the future state and will be available to provide frequent and long term follow up to make sure you’re getting the most out of afya.
Whether it’s by adjusting the workflow or even just helping you reset your password, our engineers will always be there to talk you through it and assist with modifications.
afya is more than just an app, it is virtual care as a service.
Supplement your existing healthcare with any combination of our fully customizable features and services.
Tech can be adapted to specific needs and circumstances of each client.
Customize roles and in-app permissions of patients, providers and staff.
Customize the platform to suit your communication needs.
You can implement all of our specialists or supplement your existing team with physicians who specialize in high-volume or obscure specialties.